twitter hack

What are the Long-Term Implications of the Twitter Hack

The recent Bitcoin scam on Twitter has turned into an international scandal and no one knows what its effects will be on…
cryptographic experts

3 Cryptographic Experts Refute Craig Wright’s Claims

The nchain scientist and face of BSV version of the Bitcoin fork have been relentless in trying to prove to everyone that…
China's blockchain

China’s Blockchain, BSN Opens Its Doors To Six Public Chains To Tap Into Its Services

In what seems to be one of the biggest moves in the blockchain sector, China’s state-backed Blockchain-based Service Network has integrated with…
twitter hack

Lawmakers Shift Their Concerns To Centralised Twitter

The recent hack on Twitter has stunned the world. It is deemed as a point of downfall for Bitcoin’s regulatory aspirations. Bitcoin…

Wealthsimple Building a Crypto Trading Platform

Wealthsimple, a Canadian wealth management application, is entering the cryptocurrency space with a new trading platform which is currently in beta testing…
ethereum activity

Market Volatility Drops and Ethereum Activity Grows

June has been on a considerably lower side when it comes to the exchange volumes. In a report, CryptoCompare stated that there…

Hackers Mint 315 Million RVN As Ravencoin Suffers Major Vulnerability Issues

In what seems to be a black Friday for Ravencoin, the project suffered a major vulnerability issue that resulted in about a…

Big Four Auditor EY Hit With A Lawsuit After Wirecard Went Up In Flames

In what looks like one of the biggest auditing scandals in recent times, shareholders of Wirecard have filed a lawsuit against ‘big…
paul tudor jones

Paul Tudor Jones Invests in Bitcoin in Bet on Collapse of the US Dollar

Max Keiser believes that if the United States debt profile continues with the current level, It will only take 5 years for…



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