What’s Next Store for Ethereum with this Surge in DeFi Coins

DeFi or Decentralized Finance is believed to be the future of the global financial model and its exponentially growing popularity bears witness…

Compound (COMP) Races To Become The Largest DeFi Token

There has been a massive shift in paradigm as Compound races to become the largest DeFi platform by total value locked on…
xdb foundation

Newly Formed XDB Foundation to Support DigitalBits Ecosystem

The newly-formed XDB Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on assisting DigitalBits and related technologies. The DigitalBits ecosystem has gained a new key contributor…

New Partnership Between Secure Digital Markets Partners and BlockQuake

More moves are being made in the blockchain industry today as Blockquake, a regulated digital asset exchange alternative for institutions & retail…

Decentralized Tech and Social Media

Centralized censorship and fact-checking could be heavily biased and politicized. If decentralized tech is given a chance, it could decouple the centralized…

Trump Calls for More Crypto Oversight in 2021 Budget Proposal

President Donald Trump bashed cryptocurrencies in the past and is calling for more federal regulation over digital currencies Sources say the U.S….
ethereum supply

Vitalik Says Ethereum Supply is 40M Less Than Predicted

The purported widespread claims that the Ethereum ecosystem is run by an inflationist technocrat don’t seem to sit well with Ethereum co-founder…

What’s Pushing Tether’s Increase In Market Cap?

USD Tether (USDT) is only a few million bucks away from hitting a historic two-digit billion market cap after displacing Ripple (XRP)…

Why MakerDAO is Changing their Collateral Guidelines

MakerDAO, the world’s largest decentralized finance (DeFi) platform with over 60 percent dominance is now considering expanding its reach by tapping into…
mt. gox

Craig Wright Admits To Hacking Mt. Gox

… But This Doesn’t Yet Spell Freedom For The Former Mt. Gox CEO Japan’s High Court has upheld the initial charges slammed…



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