twitter hack

What are the Long-Term Implications of the Twitter Hack

The recent Bitcoin scam on Twitter has turned into an international scandal and no one knows what its effects will be on…
51% attack

Blockchain Security And The History of 51% Attack

Security is one of the most referenced topics wherever Blockchain technology is discussed. It’s a core property of blockchain that makes it…
bitcoin vs. credit cards

Bitcoin Vs. Credit Cards — A Detailed Comparison

On June 1st, 2018, the largest international payment system, VISA, faced a massive collapse limiting transactions for both businesses and individuals alike….

Digital Dollar Project And Stablecoins

The U.S digital dollar project has released the CBDC whitepaper detailing out the groundwork for the adoption of the digital dollar The…
pension funds

How Pension Funds Can Incorporate Crypto Into Their Portfolios?

The crypto industry worth $270 billion could be the answer to the woes faced by pension funds around the world.  Fairfax County…
asset-backed digital currencies

The Rise of Asset-Backed Digital Currencies

Asset-based digital currencies, whose value depends on real-world assets, offer some of the stability and security investors are looking for Traditional cryptocurrencies…

Compound (COMP) Races To Become The Largest DeFi Token

There has been a massive shift in paradigm as Compound races to become the largest DeFi platform by total value locked on…



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