Coinbase Explores 18 New Digital Assets, Preparing to be Future-Ready

In an announcement, Coinbase has revealed that it is looking to support 18 new digital assets which include VeChain, DigiByte, and Synthetix….

Nominal Effects of Blockchain Voting on the Presidency of Vladimir Putin

A blockchain-backed system of voting will be available to the citizens of Moscow. This system will allow more transparency to the voting…
bitcoin price peak

Why Wait for a Bitcoin Price Peak in 2020?

Bitcoin has had a pretty wild 2020 already. The price of the leading cryptocurrency has been up and down and back up…

June Bitcoin Price Fundamental Analysis

Against speculations, the Bitcoin halving wasn’t totally a non-event as the price of the digital asset has almost tripled the price of…

Libra: An Enhancement To Facebook’s Business Ecosystem

Facebook CEO and one of the world’s youngest billionaires, Mark Zuckerberg, is stressing the plethora of benefits that Facebook can achieve from…
craig wright

What Happened When Craig Wright Threatened Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has always been subjected to numerous predictions but there is one prediction out of all that has been a topic of…

Development Trends In the Top 20 Altcoins

Ethereum 2.0,, and Chainlink are all part of key development trends in the cryptocurrency space over the last few months….



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