Thursday, 10th September witnessed the rejection of the stimulus proposal in the United States House of Senate, based on the budget referred to as “Skinny”. The Senate opposes stimulus due to some key aspects they think are missing. Members of the House see this as an opportunity to bring a new proposal by including another round of $1200 individuals’ checks as well as aid for small businesses.

Why The Senate Opposes Stimulus

The skinny budget was not well received by both Democrats and Republicans alike. Rand Paul, a Republican senator along with some Democrats spearheaded the rejection of The Proposal citing that it does not include a total of $300 billion for individual stimulus checks. 

Members of United States Upper Chambers, both Democrats and Republicans sought to bring relief to the American people. Economists are also in support of this ‘another round of stimulus checks’, urging the government to include it in the stimulus proposal. Concerning the effectiveness of the previous disbursement Natalia Foster, co-chairperson of the economic security project, mentioned on CNBC.

    “Direct checks are the most effective and fastest way to support American families. In the last six months, we have received one $1200 check, which is not enough”.

The Significance Of The Bill On Bitcoin

Had this bill pulled through with no individual payments, much impact may not have been felt in the stock market. Meanwhile, Bitcoin, which had had a strong correlation with stocks since March, would also not have been affected. 

But a Data Aggregation Company Envestnets Yodley discovered in May that quite a large number of Americans used these stimulus checks into Stock Investment.

Bill Parsons, the president of Yodley had stated that “There’s clearly a correlation between covid and people being re-engaged with their money”.

Moreso, the CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong revealed some data which shows that the percentage of people making BTC deposits of $1200 have significantly increased to a 4X Spike from 0.1% – 0.4%. In lieu of these reviews, the chances of another buying pressure on the stock and by extension Bitcoin is in view if a new round of stimulus package is implemented.

 “If FEMA money is gone, you are going to cut off even the $300 that’s been made available now. That may be the only Spark I see that would energize both Republicans and Democrats to do something. Maybe before the end of the month”, said Bill Hoagland, the bipartisan policy center executive.

The US Senate pushing for a new round of stimulus direct payments may mean well for the stocks and BTC markets, which may also signal a bullish trend in the crypto market.