Canadian speed skater Ted-Jan Bloemen is the latest athletic figure‏ ‏to take ‎advantage of the‎ frenzy surrounding cryptocurrencies after announcing a partnership with OneNameGlobal (ONG) Social and CEEK ‎VR and signing a cryptocurrency sponsorship. CEEK VR is a producer of virtual reality experiences, and ONG Social is a decentralized social ‎network and crypto-community.

The deal, the value of which was undisclosed, is the first time an Olympic athlete has officially partnered with a cryptocurrency ‎firm and signed a cryptocurrency sponsorship.

Interestingly, some of Bloemen’s compensation ‎will include cryptocurrency, making him the first ‎athlete sponsored with ‎virtual coins. He  provided content for Ceek and ONG during the Olympics in exchange for tokens, according to a press statement from CEEK VR. The partnership showcases the choice of the crypto startups to target an entirely new clientele, those interested in athletics and marathon sports.

Dutch-born Bloemen holds the world’s fastest time in the 10,000 meter long track speed skating event, and was selected to compete for Canada’s 2018 Olympic team in South Korea, where he took home a gold medal in the event.

Commenting on the partnership, Lawrence Baslaw, Bloemen’s ‎agent said: “I believe this ‎cryptocurrency sponsorship is a first for any ‎athlete. This is really a whole new frontier. It will ‎be exciting to see how ‎cryptocurrency can work for Ted-Jan, in particular, but also the impact ‎it will ‎have on the sport marketing industry as a whole.” ‏

Christopher J. Kramer, CEO of ONG, added: “OneName Global (ONG) is ‎honored to partner ‎with speed skating world record holder, Ted-Jan ‎Bloemen. He is a classic example that, with ‎hard work and determination, ‎you can achieve your dreams. ONG is pleased to be able to ‎highlight Ted-‎Jan’s athletic journey on social media and award a dedicated athlete with a ‎new ‎form of digital gold through the ONG cryptocurrency sponsorship‏.” ‏