Tech Adoption Lifecycle

Why Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Moves Slowly Through the Technology Adoption Cycle

I recently got the chance to see Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak speak at the Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles. Although I…
What Happened to the Cryptocurrency industry?

What Happened to the Cryptocurrency Industry?

  Let’s be real; a tiny fraction of the world is actually using cryptocurrency. There are over 500 Erc-20 tokens in the cryptocurrency…

Ushering in the Future with Blockchain in Canada, Continued

In this article, I’ll continue to recap some of the more promising players in the blockchain space currently listed on Canadian stock…

Why Blockchain Will Be A Future Mainstay of Canadian Healthcare

When I was a kid I was supposed to get five vaccines in school. I think it was five. I have no…

Blockchain Could Develop Canada’s Incoming Marijuana Industry

It’s no secret Canadians love weed. Thirty percent of young adults reported using cannabis in the last year, which is the highest…



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