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Our Mission

Timestamp is an editorial magazine covering blockchain technology, decentralized applications, cryptocurrency, the Internet of Things and the next generation of the Web.

Our mission is to provide our readers with thoroughly-researched, thoughtful and expository news and opinion pieces that will elevate the conversation surrounding this technology in our country and abroad. We understand the importance of cutting through the chaos to bring you a clear voice in the blockchain space that you can trust.

Our Values

Timestamp is committed to the highest standards of journalistic integrity.

We are committed to accuracy, and disciplined in our efforts to verify every fact; retain the original context of all quotations or clips; credit every originating source; and openly and promptly correct any mistake.

We are committed to fairness. We avoid stereotypes of race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, gender self-identification, disability, appearance or social status and do not let our biases impede our reporting.

We are committed to accountability. We clearly identify news and opinion so our audience knows which is which and will never mislead the public.

Timestamp does not pay any of our sources for information, nor do we pay for access to information. Our writers are required to disclose any investments or vested interests they may have in the blockchain ecosystem to ensure impartiality. Timestamp does not take any position on the value of any blockchain project or cryptocurrency.


Editorial Guidelines

Timestamp is a subsidiary of MLG Blockchain. MLG Blockchain is a global development and consulting firm that assists blockchain startups and promotes blockchain adoption. MLG Blockchain invests in cryptocurrencies and has stakes in a number of blockchain startups. Any content that features MLG Blockchain or one of its clients will be clearly stated and plainly obvious to the reader.



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Consider joining our team of freelancers. We are always looking for inquisitive and talented writers interested in covering the blockchain ecosystem. If that’s you, feel free to reach out to us!

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