• The Russian space agency, Roscosmos has recently made headlines for adopting the blockchain solution “IP Guard” to prevent intellectual property infringement.
  • Roscosmos has partnered with Waves Enterprise; a hybrid blockchain platform and the creator of IP Guard.
  • The IP Guard solution will enable Roscosmos to validate and maintain IP data and help coordinate with IP experts, such as auditors, lawyers, and patent specialists.
  • The remuneration program of this blockchain platform will reward network participants by offering “cosmotokens,” which they can exchange for merchandise.

The Russian space agency, Roscosmos has applied Blockchain technology to prevent their intellectual property (IP) infringement.

Through this major initiative, Roscosmos began testing a protection solution of intellectual property partnering with the Waves Enterprise.

Waves is a hybrid and enterprise-grade blockchain platform, which is the brainchild of a local blockchain firm.

The blockchain solution is called “IP Guard,” which detects violations of intellectual property belonging to Roscosmos and other enterprises.

By using this tool, Roscosmos will be able to maintain and validate a database comprising IP data objects and coordinate IP experts, including lawyers, auditors, and patent specialists.

According to Igor Kuzmichev, the CCO of Waves Enterprise, the most crucial blockchain properties are data immutability and the possibility of validation. Centralized registries are not capable of providing the same properties.

The blockchain solution will also enable Roscosmos to offer rewards for identifying the cases of IP infringement using smart contracts.

Through the remuneration program of this platform, network participants will get rewards in the form of “cosmotokens,” which they can exchange later for merchandise from Roscosmos or other space organizations.

Increasing Use of Blockchain by Russian Agencies like Roscosmos

The new blockchain solution is now in the beta testing phase. Roscosmos is the first agency that is trying the service. It is expected that IP Guard will roll out in the summer of 2021.

Protection of Blockchain (Source: Pixabay.com)

The partnership between Roscosmos and Waves Enterprise through this hybrid blockchain has implemented a new mechanism to prevent all kinds of intellectual property infringement. The success of this project may encourage other organizations to adopt the same solution.

In recent times, Waves Enterprise used its blockchain technologies in the Russian National Force network.

Besides, the major Russian bank Alfa-Bank implemented the same blockchain platform in late 2020 for freelance automation services.

Waves Enterprise is one of the members of the unified register of Russian software for computers/databases. In the past, the company also supported national grid operators with its technology.

Blockchain is a Preferred Global Technology in Diverse Fields

The significance and potential of blockchain technology are widely accepted all over the world, mainly for its privacy protocols & security-related projects.

Blockchain Security (Source: Flickr.com)

These days, various industries and domains use Blockchain technology for storing, accessing, and strengthening their data security.

On top of it, various government agencies are also contemplating using blockchain technology to revamp their operations and improve efficiency.

So, the adoption of blockchain solutions by Roscosmos will not be the first and last instance. More organizations are going to implement blockchain technology to protect their confidential data and intellectual property in the coming years.